Realize digital’s full potential

Now everyone can enjoy the convenience of digital downloads, files and streams while experiencing uncompromised, over-the-top sound as well! With the Audiophilleo family of USB to S/PDIF processors, you can transform any PC, Mac, or Linux computer—even an iPad or Squeezebox Touch — into a state-of-the-art digital music server. Just connect to your computer USB port and DAC S/PDIF input and instantly enjoy bliss.

The Audiophilleo1 and Audiophilleo2 are exceptionally easy to set up and use—even for computer audio newbies—yet they deliver a full range of features and sonic performance unequalled by any other product at their price point. To obtain the highest possible analog-like performance nothing beats the PurePower option, which turns the Audiophilleo2 into the best sounding source available for $999!

Whether you like rocking to Nine Inch Nails on Wilson MAXXs, or prefer savoring Der Rosenkavalier through STAXs, Audiophilleo makes the music come alive in ways that you’ve never thought possible.

Makes DACs sound their best

While many popular DACs now support USB or FireWire, chances are most will sound way better when driven by an Audiophilleo. How? Every Audiophilleo USB device is highly-optimized for delivering all those bits via S/PDIF with the most accurate timing possible. Your DAC will simply love it!

The “secret sauce” inside every Audiophilleo1 and Audiophilleo2 is a unique combination of ultra-low-noise clocks, advanced signal processing firmware and special EMI-reducing techniques. Sure, it’s an elaborate solution—way beyond what most DACs include—but it’s the only way to make all those “jitter bugs” head for the hills, forever. And now you can achieve the highest possible analog-like performance with the PurePower option.

With an Audiophilleo in the mix, computer DACs can finally deliver the sonic performance you’ve always wanted, at a price that’s affordable on any budget.

Hearing is believing

Join the hundreds of audio enthusiasts in over 30 countries who have already discovered that an Audiophilleo is about the best thing that’s ever happened to their system, regardless of price. Why not find out for yourself how good digital can really sound?

We make it very easy for you. Order an Audiophilleo online—in many locations, we can get one in your hands overnight—and then listen to it at home for 30 days, risk-free. In case you’re not completely satisfied with the results, just send it back for a prompt refund of your purchase price. And remember, every Audiophilleo comes with a three-year limited warranty that’s honored worldwide.

Why not start enjoying the very best in computer audio today? We know you’ll be absolutely delighted.

Philip Gruebele, CEO