Use your favorite remote control to send media player commands to the computer through the Audiophilleo1. These include play, pause, next, previous, volume, mute, etc. Your media  player now acts like any remotely-controlled CD player or music server. 

There is no need to install any special software, drivers or change the configuration: The Audiophilleo1 does everything required. To the computer operating system, the Audiophilleo1 is a multimedia keyboard.  Just check your keyboard multimedia keys to confirm proper operation with your favorite media player. A few media players such XMPlay, do not yet support multimedia commands, but most others do.

Commands processed locally within the Audiophilleo1 include JitterSimulator and VirtualCable , both of which may be operated from your remote as you listen.

It's easy to teach the remote control codes to the Audiophilleo1. Select the "Learn Play" menu and follow the on-screen instructions. The audiophilleo1 can learn the codes from any of your existing remotes. There is no need to buy a programmable remote.