Read all about the Audiophilleo1, Audiophilleo2, and PurePower in print and online publications around the world and you will see that the Audiophilleo2 with PurePower is the best sounding source you can buy for $999.

Audiophilleo1 + PurePower review by John Grandberg: "It allows whatever DAC it gets paired with to perform at its best", "I have an iUSB and iLink here...But I’d choose the Audiophilleo I feel it exceeds the iFi gear by a reasonable margin", "Offramp and REFLink...are really quite nice overall, but my preference remains for the AP1+PP"

Audiophilleo1 + PurePower review on SoundBsessive by Antonino Scozzaro: "While I found the ART Legato and Stello U3 to be on a similar level ... the AP1 is simply much more polished and refined than the U3...The Audiophilleo 2 (no Pure Power) is half way between the U3 / ART and AP+PurePower tier. I think it offers quite a bit more delicate pinpoint imaging than Stello U3 ... Where the ART Legato and U3 are clearly superior to the Bridge (warm signature, blurred details), I think the AP1 + PP is a few notches above the ART and Stello themselves." Audiophilleo1/2 review, by John Darko: "Audiophilleo is a breakthrough device...the Audiophilleo is near-mandatory for digital audiophiles looking to get the best from their computer as digital transport." Audiophilleo1 PurePower review, by Currawong: "I can only describe the result with my Reference 7.1, Metrum Octave and Calyx DAC as the kind of effortless, fatigue-free clarity one expects of the best high-end audio gear."

HI-FI WORLD magazine, April 2012 issue, "GROUP TEST USB-to-S/PDIF convertors", page 23, by Rafael Todes & Noel Keywwood: "it was finding the elegance in the recording that left most of the others standing. It was the most believable of the converters ... the Audiophilleo managed to separate the texture of the cellos and bass better [than the WEIS DAC 202 firewire input] ... the soundstage of the Audiophilleo was a few yards (meters!) deeper."

Audiophilleo1 review from in German, by Christian Rechenbach: "Until now I had not seen such a technically mature, thought through and excellent sounding computer to DAC interface." (click here for English Google translation)

Audiophilleo 2 USB to SPDIF Converter - The Missing Link, by Amine Slimani: "I was positively surprised when I first plugged the Audiophilleo2 into my system and I heard some of that natural warmth I had been chasing through various tweaks ... what I heard was an increase in the richness of the sound ... the gains in both refinement and accuracy are amazing."

Audiophilleo1 review by Yoshihiro Sasaki in Japanese. (click here for English Google translation)

Audiophilleo1 review by in Hebrew. (click here for English Google translation)

USB transport roundup by Dave Clark, Editor, Positive Feedback Online.

Audiophilleo2 review by Kamil at

Audiophilleo2 review by Ruytaro Murakami in Japan

Audiophilleo2 review by Bill Gaw from

Feedback from users

The following is feedback from real users. Thanks for sharing your impressions! It brings me great joy to hear them - Philip.

Audiophilleo1/2 with PurePower
"My AP1 is now fully run in and sounds superb with Audivarna sourced DSD64 music from a Mac Mini. It feeds a Naim DAC with XPS2 > Naim 202 with HiCap > Naim 200. The Audivarna / Mac Mini / AP1 + PSU combination actually sounds better than a Naim NDS with Naim 555 PS (£14,000 almost 10 times the price) simply because the NDS does not support DSD64." Shaun McCullagh, Netherlands

"AP2 + PP + Berkeley Alpha DAC sounds insanely good!" NB, CA USA

"Hello. My Audiophilleo 2 and Pure Power arrived the week before last, and I’ve been listening happily since. It easily bests anything I’ve had in my system. Buy high, sell low: my friends tend to savage my twin addictions to both my “stereo system” and my home studio, mocking me for all the equipment that comes and goes. I’ve had or have DACS by Benchmark, UAD, RME, and most recently PS Audio Perfectwave DAC II with Bridge. The latter has held the honor of “best” until your gear went into the mix. (The “Bridge” really improves the Perfectwave II, but the streaming is buggy, at least in Macworld. PS Audio offered their own program, abandoned same, and led most of their users to Jriver, which isn’t yet ready for Mac primetime.) Looking for alternatives, I’ve been playing lately with the new NAD 7050. It’s both a DAC and a digital power amp (50 WPC), with the only thing analog being the final path out to the speakers. The 7050 sounded good out of the box, but with Audiophilleo in front of it it’s startling. For a little over 3k one can build a system (Your gear/NAD 7050/KEF LS 50 speakers) that will shame systems at severely higher price points. Not exactly entry level, but still quite a deal. I’m sure most of your clients are involved with the higher end of things, but your product can kick mid-level stuff up a whole bunch of notches, too. And all of this takes up almost no room on my desk, compared to the DAC and power amp I was using before. Remarkable. So, thank you. Extraordinary product." James Haynes, CT USA

"Hi Philip, thought I'd follow up with some impressions on the sonic outcome of the AP2 + PurePower in my system. But first, my system consists of: Windows 7 Ult. 64-bit based HTPC; JRiver MC18 D/A-converter: NuForce DAC-9 Power amp: NuForce Stereo 8.5V3 Speakers: Auto-Tech 'The Mummy' MkII Speaker cables: Mundorf Silver/gold 1.5mm(dia.) solid core cables, teflon insulated IC cable: NuForce IC-700 Power cables: all AWG16 solid core copper cables, twisted and non-shielded(AWG12 from wall outlet, also twisted) Isolation transformer used over the HTPC; the whole setup is star-grounded As mentioned earlier the overall sound quality of my system has improved markedly with the entering of the AP2 + PurePower. What strikes me is the overall-ness of the sonic upgrade, and the coherency it displays; (the added sense of)clarity, calmness, texture, resolution, lack of glare, liquidity/flow, extension(particularly downwards in frequency), "firmness," and naturalness are some of the descriptive terms that comes to my mind as to what is entailed in the holistically-perceived sonic upgrade. I only got some 30-40(at most) hours of playtime in the AP2, so we'll see if the boundaries of the greatness will extend any further :) For now, since the first notes, it appears the sound has become even more open, as if the flower is blooming - so to speak." Mikael Sonnichsen, Denmark

"Thanks Philip, This will be my second unit from you. my first + pp will serve in my headfi system. I need the digital volume control for the audionotekits L5 mentor pre I am soon to build. Love your product. Much more liquid and organic than computer audio without!!" Doug Smith, Canada

"The audiophilleo really made a dramatic difference in terms of presentation, articulation, clarity, definition and timbre which reminded me of what I experience with the lampizor DAC. It is still not broken in only 20hrs and I am very impressed with its performance." Gill, NY USA

"Philip, Let me take an opportunity to thank you for your efforts on the Audiophilleo. I have been involved in audio as a hobby from and early age but three years ago I retired and began to devote more time to it. I embarked on a quest to create a computer based home audio system. I tried a number of USB-S/PDIF convertors, including the M2Tech HiFace, Halide Bridge, Empirical Audio Off-Ramp and Musical Fidelity V-Link 24/96 and 24/192. I had all but given up on a computer ever being a satisfactory source. However, there was a noticeable improvement when I purchased my last convertor, the V-Link 24/192. If I can believe the published testing from reviews, the V-Link 24/192 had some success in reducing Jitter. While the numbers were still in the triple digits, it was a nice improvement, making listening tolerable. Based upon this intelligence, I decided to compare Jitter Specifications for various products. Unfortunately, manufactures appear reluctant to publish such data, so I had to rely on testing from a wide variety of review sources. This comparison can be daunting as review publications vary their test methodology and equipment. Your company was one of the few to publish Jitter Specifications and the numbers were in the single digits and this was orders of magnitude better than other products. The only review I could find that published test results from the Audiophilleo seemed to substantiate your claims and they recorded number in the very low double digits. The delta between published specifications and the review data could easily be accounted for in differences with test equipment or methodology. I decided I had to hear your product and see if it made a difference. Through a mutual friend I managed to locate someone who owns the Audiophilleo 2 and auditioned it. The comparison to my gear was devastating. There was no contest. Hence I now own the Audiophilleo 2. It's so pleasurable to enjoy a vast assortment of recordings and hear musical details and instrumental timbres I did not know existed in the performance. The best thing is I no longer have to mentally brace and cringe during crescendos or dynamic portions of the music. Musical excitement designed to please and delight is just that, and no longer a shock and irritation. Turing off my HiFi at the end of a listening session is a disappointment and I can't wait till the next opportunity, whereas turning it off before was a welcome relief from the stress it created. I can't express enough appreciation for your efforts. Having been involved in the development of other types of products during my career, I know there can be points where your mind wonders if it's all worth it and will anyone ever notice the efforts you've poured into this endeavor. Let me assure you that in my case, your time and effort was well worth it and greatly appreciated." Charles Campbell, MS USA

"I reconnected the AP1 yesterday after not using it for about 3 months to give the Audio GD USB32 input a try on some 192kHz audio files...upon reconnecting the AP1 I was surprised at the difference. Less upper end glare/edginess and most notable is much reduced sibilance on vocals with the AP1. I was swapping tubes in the amp thinking they were the culprit. Comparatively the AP1 has better imaging with pinpoint localization. The famous AP1 bass is back as well with impact, authority, and timing precision. The Audio GD USB32 interface is not bad at all but the AP1 with DIR9001 S/PDIF chip is magic! I think one of the best traits of the AP1/DIR9001 combo is Redbook CD format playback. Just amazing! My DAC is an Audio GD Master 7 with linear PCM1704UK DAC chips...thank you again for very rewarding and beautiful products." Scott Arledge, CA USA

"Holy smokes the improvement of this on my system is more than subtle. I had several hours listening session last night and did some comparisons. My DAC is an Audio-GD SA-1.32, with the VIA USB-32 interface and DSP-1. It's supposedly a very "good implementation" and some have said it's as good as using an AP converter. Well, my system is pretty revealing and that USB input has always sounded pretty good, except I've always noticed an harshness in the upper mids, almost like a "tearing" sensation around the edges of notes if that makes any sense. Also just a general bugginess about the AGD drivers, weird lockups, a pop or dropout no matter how the buffers are set. Lots of screwing around with the software to keep it running. Trying this converter - that sensation in the mids - gone. Smooth as can be...Immersive and smooth sound. Then after some hours going back to the USB input, it sounds flat in comparison, the bass is looser and instruments are not as focused. So if anyone says the USB32 interface is up there with yours - I have to disagree. Maybe less revealing equipment?" Craig Chappell, CA USA

"The Rega Dac, for me, was a seriously good/ lucky choice...I have to say that the audiophilleo (plus Pure Power) is just amazing...I'm as close to the $50000 Linns as I've ever been...mostly thanks to a $1000 box the size of a pack of cards!" Peter, Australia
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"The AP2 with Pure Power is even better than without: Deeper more tuneful bass, more details, richer tones, darker background, more analog, and on top of all, more musical. Musicality was the weakest point before and it is now on par with the rest. I feel deeply connected . All in all, greatly satisfying. Excellent job, Phil. You raised the bar up high." Fred Auclair, Quebec, Canada

"I was using a ASUS Xonar Essence STX...with a maga bucks cable to a LampizatOr L4 tube DAC, the sound was thin, overly etched and sterile before ditching the sound card for the Audiophilleo2...the difference was not slight but HUGE...beat most vinyl playback. Luscious, liquid, grain-free, texturd, full yet airy...with a solid and very deep low-end." Audiotweaker, South Africa

"Love your AP+PP, yesterday i could not go to bed until 4 am because music kept me busy, i have fairly good system but holly cow ... voices never sounded so real before AP... AP simply added a missing link for me and now i have singers entering my room and whispering into my ears, this is truly magical. i have Metrum Octave and pairing this with AP blows my socks off... so stunningly good this is, amazingly musical combination. what i heard was a substantial lift in instrument air space and dynamic, more timbre fineness, cleaner and easier flowing musical presentation giving me analogue like feel. i am tech ignorant and do not know how you do it with two small boxes but this is darn magic. again many thanks" Gintaras Shlizhyus, Austria

"I love it! Besides the "usual" improvements like greater clarity, much bigger and deeper sound stage, great focus from each sound, tighter and deeper bass, higher extension of high frequency, etc; the most important improvements for me is the emotional clarity that this new combo has bring to my system. The texture and minute details of the instruments and voices are so clear, I can really feel the emotion of the performances! This is not an easy feat and I am ecstatic with this improvement." Adrianto Kumara, Singapore

"Hi Philip, thanks for such a beautiful product. I just posted this on the audiophilleo and anedio d2 Headfi threads: Ok, I have well over 100 hours on the the Audiophilleo 2 + PurePower. I am feeding it with a SBT + EDO into an Anedio D2 Dac which is feeding my beloved Decware Torii MKIII and Zu Soul Superfly's. I won't repeat everything said by Currawong and others on this excellent thread, but suffice to say, it is all true. It removes that last bit of glare, smoother and more organic presentation, wider and deeper soundstage, more 3 dimensional, tighter bass, more defined imaging and so on. The USB on the Anedio D2 is very, very good, but the Audiophilleo + PP clearly improves everything. These improvements are especially noticeable on High Rez tracks to which I am now addicted! I was pleasantly surprised that my sweet spot is now much wider and I can turn up the volume much louder than before. Most of all, I just love just how effortlessly the music flows. I thought my system was already engaging, but now it is simply sublime. That automatic charging is flawless. You can just forget about it. I will definitely be keeping mine!" Bill Soukoreff, Alberta, Canada

"I just received back my ap with pp and hooked it up to my Wadia PowerDac and Dali Mentor Menuet's immediatly. This is just genious Philip! The lower tones are much more musical and convincing. The sound is now completely relaxed, the pp has shrugged off all traces of digitalness." Tom Kalmijn, Netherlands

"[The PurePower] makes a clearly noticeable improvement in detail, extension and separation. Very nice... Wow. There's nothing I enjoy more than hearing more texture/detail. I'm enjoying this piece of kit Philip - well done! ... OK, gonna have to order a PurePower for my other AP. It's that good." Mike Ross, Irvine, CA USA

"Got the upgraded AP1/PP in the mail today. Just connected it back up and if my audio memory serves me correctly i'd say my findings mirror all that's been said on head-fi in that it's definitely more organic and microdetails become more prominent, possibly due to the blacker background. I'm loving it so far! Don't suppose the PP needs "burn-in" ? =P Can't imagine it getting any better! I'm one happy camper tonight! Thanks for your continued effort to improve the AP." Adrianto Kumara, Singapore

"The PurePower upgrade makes a large improvement especially w.r.t tone of instruments and voices, bass quality and soundstage depth." Nikhil Bhogal, San Francisco, CA USA

Audiophilleo1/2 without PurePower
"The sound is...simply the best. The clarity, transparency, three dimensional sound image, etc...What a terrific DDC! The highs is so detailed, but without any harshness. Though I love my main transport, which is the DCS Verdi hooked up to the Elgar Plus, I can easily put Mac-mini and AP1 into the system right now." Yoshi Nagai, Japan

"Just wanted to let you know I am thrilled with the Audiophillleo2 beats the pants off of the Weiss INT 202" Charles Russel, Mesquite, Texas USA

"The screen and built in features are fantastic. Invaluable which actually got me so much by surprise that prompted this email. I have several volume control options in my system namely jriver preamp volume. J play volume and finally the burson analogue volume control which is a resistance ladder. I always used audiopholleo volume for fine tuning and bursons as main. But one month ago I made an extensive shootout between these options and WOW. To my surprise audiopholleo volume was by far the best. It wasn't a matter of taste and colors no. It was on much higher level in every respect and still plain to hear after one month. Bravo! now I use burson in low gain with volume bypassed." Mehrdad Golabgir, Malaysia

"I recently got a Berkeley alpha usb with the idea of giving it to my dad and inheriting his Audiophilleo. No such luck – he doesn’t want to let go of the AP. The AP just has so much air around the music and dimensionality!" Francois Du Plessis, South Africa

"As a vinyl fan perhaps one of the most interesting discoveries was when i first played a Joni Mitchell 16/44 CD v. a 180gm 'super-pressing' (via Dynavector front-end on a Funk Vector turntable). Apart from the inevitable clicks & pops to my amazement the two systems sounded virtually identical. I have since repeated this trick with various other albums and have never previously managed to make vinyl and digital converge in this way. To my thinking this seems like a decent state of affairs really and the AP2 has played a great part ... So, many thanks for a great product and musical re-invigouration - I wish you many more contented customers." Nigel Doe, UK

"I got myself a used 24/96 Diverter...I'll be upfront about it...the AP2 sounds way better in my set up. The addition of a SPDIF digital cable for the Diverter may make the comparison less meaningful but as far as the end result is concerned (and I've tried out a handful of SPDIF digital cables on the Diverter) your AP2 is head and shoulders above the Diverter. ...out of a slew of converters I tried such as the Stello U3, Lindemann, Bel Canto, HagDac, and HiFace your AP2 topped them all...and by a large margin too." Kwang-ho Kim "Kenny", South Korea

"The sound of the unit is now properly stunning – with huge soundstage, pinpoint 3D focus, a harmonic richness I've never heard this side of vinyl – and an irresistibly natural flow to the music. I've had a bunch of audiophiles visiting the house recently and they've all been blown away – first when they heard the system, then when they found out the digital source I was playing for them was NOT the (however outstanding) Bow ZZ8 that sits in my rack…It's taken me years to find a way of playing digital music that comes close enough to my trusted and loved turntable for me to seriously enjoy digital playback – no questions asked, no restrictions. To think that the solution was there in my iMac is at the same time REALLY annoying (oh, the cash I could have saved) and incredibly satisfying. Then again my DAC is no slouch (last generation Brinkmann Zenith III, tweaked and modded by them) and neither is the rest of the system (Brinkmann / Amphion). Your Audiophilleo 2 is in good company. Thanks for your help and or making such a stunning product. It's worth every dollar and 5 times more." Michel Jouveaux, Switzerland

"I just wanted to let you know: the AP2 outperforms the Halide Bridge even with just a few hours in it. It is efficient in bringing more out of my Audio-gd NFB-8. The AP2 sounds really high-end. There is more focus, it's more relax. Better imaging, better timbres, more neutrality. No need to do any back and forth, it's clearly better. High-end audio out of computer is a tricky game and thanks to you, I got the missing link for a fair amount." Fred Auclair, Canada

"I have never written a letter to any audio company in my 60 years on this earth! I have owned and operated an audio shop and had access to some of the great names in audio! I have used 4 different USB conversion pieces in my system to varying effects in the last 18 months ... I ordered the Audiophilleo2 ... this little box is a winner. It presents the Weiss 202 with the cleanest, richest signal it has ever received from my MacPro. Musical, extended, dynamic and to my ears tonally accurate. The only fact that I would caution listeners on is to not judge until this converter has a least 150 hours of continuos use. Give it a chance to beak in and settle in. It is worth the wait! Congratulations on a wonderfully musical piece of engineering!" Paul Van Name, Georgia USA

"I really hear improvements of my W4S Dac2. Obviously it is more better than W4S DAC2 USB asynchronous interface." Ran Chen, China

"First listening impressions: fantastic! Much more insight in recordings, more emotion while listening. The AP is a remarkable device with superior qualities. Thanks for bringing it to the world! With 50 listening hours I still notice improvements, it's without a doubt the best upgrade to my already good set. The AP fits very well with the Rega DAC, as promised by reviews I read." Marc de Groot, Netherlands

"I'm really enjoying music using the Audiophilleo 1 with my DACs. A significant upgrade in dynamics and realism over the Hagerman USB - SPDIF converter I was using. The speakers somehow disappear much more readily when using the Audiophilleo." Jeff Mai, Australia

"I just wanted to let you know: the AP2 outperforms the Halide Bridge even with just a few hours in it. It is efficient in bringing more out of my Audio-gd NFB-8. The AP2 sounds really high-end. There is more focus, it's more relax. Better imaging, better timbres, more neutrality. No need to do any back and forth, it's clearly better. High-end audio out of computer is a tricky game and thanks to you, I got the missing link for a fair amount." Fred Auclair, Canada

"I'm still stupefied about the overall gains in sound quality AP makes in my system. I listened for several hours last night and was just wagging my head! It's the biggest update I've made in my system in several years!" Mark A. Waidelich, Oregon USA

"It's good, it's great, it's very very good ... real problem solver in regards to digital harshness ... I'm really amazed. Great Job there!!!! I used John Kenny modified and a m2tech hiface2 before. ... I drive a pair of super revealing BMS4550 horn drivers with 113 dB sensitivity and no passives (with a 800Hz Traktrix horn) and they are SUPER revealing and unforgiving ... all I can hear with the audiophileo is a cleaner sound, but not more agressive, on the contrary, more musical and 'flow'." Philippe Galowich, Paris, France

"Phil, the Audiophilleo has completely changed my outlook on computer served audio. I've basically disconnected my transport and exclusively serve my collection via computer to the A2 and then to my DAC. I've tested everything and the difference is profound. I had no idea the proper timing could make such a difference. Thanks for your hard work. You deserve to be handsomely rewarded for the Audiophilleo." Rob Priore, Massachusetts USA

"Your AudioPhillleo 2 device is excelent! It outpasses any transport used to feed the SPDIF input of my DAC or the SPIDIF input of any other DAC involved in listening tests (Zodiac+, Weiss DAC2, Weiss DAC202), presenting music with a clear and spacious soundstage." Christos Patelis, Greece

"Using your short USB cable and direct-connecting to my dac and using Reference Recordings HRX files – I have never heard anything like this!" Karl Youtsey, IL USA

"I was using the ap1 with PM 1.74 for a good week and I can truly say that the difference it made in my system was huge. Firstly it leaves the HiFace in the dust...the ap1 brings a much higher level of clarity and a deeper soundstage... Secondly I can now take my preamp, S/PDiF and some balanced cables which allowed me to greatly simplify the system and have less devices in the audio chain (always a great thing). I feel that the internal pre in the ap1 in promode is more articulate than the pre I had in my system, which is a very nice pre-many accolades from audio users, but the ap1 (to my ears) beats it." Tom Sutliff, Andover, MA USA

"After a 50 hours grinding, the interface now sounds like a charm ... I really enjoy your product, I took a risk by ordering one by only reading the comments on the net, I am a lucky man and you are a really good engineer :)" Christophe Coquet, France

"The difference between Audiophilleo and my usb m2tech hiFace is remarkably dramatic. Very clean clear sound, high medium and low frequencies much more defined ... My most sincere congratulations for the excellent product." Antonio Pasquariello, Italy

"Reputation of my favorite Dac, Chord Dac64, mostly came from its comfortable sounds obtained through its RAM buffer. But, when feeding S/PDIF signals from AP2, I found the sound with no RAM buffer is more excellent. Clear and sculptured... Simply stated, S/PDIF output of AP2 surpasses that of an expensive CD transport that costs about $ 5K." Duncan Cox, New Zealand

"Philip, As you know, my vocabulary in English is quite limited. So, I won't try to describe my emotions as I listen to my system with your product. But in a word: you're a genius. Many thanks for such a wonderful product." Guy Gendron, Quebec Canada

"Received my Model 1 today, and it is outstanding. Very well engineered little device. From the packaging to the plug & play, first class. And the sound is wonderful." Greg Hammond, CA USA

"I want to let you know how much I’m enjoying the Audiophilleo 2. I am using it with an Eastern Electric Minimax DAC, which sounds wonderful but requires a high-quality digital stream. My old digital sources (Denon DVD 3800 used as a CD transport; Dell laptop connected directly to the DAC’s USB input) had unacceptable levels of coloration and distortion. The Audiophilleo cleared up those problems when connected between my laptop and DAC. Overall, the sound is much more delicate and subtle. The garish tinge and fuzzy imaging are now gone, revealing all sorts of inner detail that I didn’t realize were present in 16/44 recordings. The three-dimensional rendering of instruments and vocals is truly mesmerizing. Played through the Audiophilleo, the CD drive in my laptop absolutely kills my old CD transport. Regular redbook CDs sound like SACDs. Of course, high resolution files (24/96+) played from the hard disk sound even better. Thank you for making a high-performance product at a reasonable price. Compared to other options in this price range, the Audiophilleo is a screaming deal!" Stan Goto, WA USA

"Your unit makes a clearly audible difference in several quite different setups I have tried. A part from the much improved definition and what I believe is better micro-dynamics, in several instances it transforms the broad impression to something close to analogue. Impressive." Morten M. Holst, Sweden

"Hi Philip, I must tell you that this product is one of best I ever had in my audiophile system!! The sound is like X100 better than other setups I tried. it gives you the quality of an $$$ head unit. I can even hear the quality when connect the device to regular amp&speakers. in one word - AMAZING!!! thank you very much" Leon Meguira, Israel

"So far I am extremely happy with the unit, finally my external DAC setup sound better in all areas than my previous CD-player...a clock modded Pioneer player with ultra lower jitter. It is way better than the built in USB input on my Lavry DA11, however I do hear a difference with a different usb cable (Locus Design Nucleus) but only subtle. Before the Locus Design Nucleus cable made a huge difference." Torje Coldevin, Norway

"After a short but serious listen, I must say that I'm more than satisfaction with it. The sound is solid, well defined yet rhythmical and musical. I cannot express much but it's really the best digital source I've ever heard indeed." Zheng Qiang, NY USA

"In one word, no actually in three words, detail, detail, detail… The Audiophilleo has allowed the music to come through my system as if untouched. The level of detail I have been hearing with the Audiophilleo has me looking for better recordings and not better components." Roger Wong, NJ USA

"I've gone through the steps you've suggested, and now my A1 is working. WOW!!!.............the sound is incredible." Sid Davis, Lincoln, Nebraska USA

"I have got Augio-gd Digital Interface (USB to SPDIF) and while it sounds not bad ap1 absolutely kills it in terms of practicality and portability still having a better SQ." Igor Zenkov, Chandler, Arizona USA

"It has single handedly solved the problem I was having of not quite being able to feel fully immersed in my music besides my fairly nice headphone setup (around $2k now)." David Foster, Chandler, Arizona, USA