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Power matters

Audiophilleo’s PurePower ULN (ultra low noise) Digital Power Pack is an optional battery based power supply for the Audiophilleo1 MKII and Audiophilleo2 MKII transports and transforms our reference-grade transports to deliver new levels of sonic realism, presence, soundstaging and dynamics. From entry-level gear to high-end systems, audio enthusiasts everywhere will appreciate how PurePower makes the background grit and grunge disappear, imparting and analog-like sound that lets the music carry you away. Just have a look at the reviews - the PurePower makes an impact bigger than any cables or alternative power supplies do.

Much of what you don’t like about “digital” ultimately relates to electromagnetic noise in all its various forms. Computers, appliances, mobile phones, TVs—just about everything in the modern world that runs on electricity—create an abundance of random and patterned noise. This electronic “hash” travels through the air, household and system wiring to wreak havoc on even the best audio electronics. Noise gremlins are everywhere, making life difficult for sensitive clocks, DACs, and analog circuits. The PurePower provides the ultimate in clean power to those ciscuits that matter: the output stage and clocks. It makes Audiophilleo1 MKII and Audiophilleo2 MKII sound quality highly independent of computer source and USB cable used. Don't invest in partial solutions like expensive USB cables or PCI USB cards. The PurePower is THE solution to get the absolute best sound from any computer.

All existing Audiophilleo1 MKII and Audiophilleo2 MKII units can be upgraded with the PurePower option. Note that units have to be sent back to Audiophilleo for the PurePower upgrade because it involves considerable internal changes. Also new units may be ordered with the PurePower option already included. Either way, the Audiophilleo 1 and 2 units are modified with an additional power connector which feeds the SPDIF output stage from the PurePower. This modification requires that this power connector is fed with 3.3V to 5V, so the PurePower will be required for normal operation. In return, absolutely no high frequency noise from your PC can make it into your DAC because there is no electrical connection between the two.

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The best features

  • Switch-free, automatic operation. You never have to fuss with cables or toggle switches to get the cleanest power and best sound.
  • Optimized for Audiophileo1 and 2. It powers only the sensitive clocks and output stage through an additional power connector, providing the lowest possible noise. The USB ARM processor continues to be powered from USB. Sound quality becomes very independent of PC, media player, and USB cable because no high frequency noise can get into your clocks or DAC.
  • Automatic recharging when not playing music. It senses when the Audiophilleo1 MKII or Audiophilleo2 MKII are not playing music and starts charging.
  • Unlimited play time with normal use. Battery lasts for 15 hours of continuous play, after which battery charging and Audiophilleo are powered from USB. When not playing music, battery automatically charges so that it is full for the next listening session.
  • Total isolation from USB power, gound, and data. When running off battery, relays are used to physically disconnect the PurePower from the noisy USB power source (the PC) so that lowest possible power noise levels are achieved when feeding the Audiophilleo1 MKII and Audiophilleo2 MKII output stages.
  • No noisy wall wart or switching power supply required - plugs into your computer or an optional USB power source
  • Audiophilleo1/2 USB can plug directly into computer or feed through the PurePower.
  • Large dimmable LCD display and joystick with real-time display of power and play time
  • Firmware updating for enhancements
  • Custom cabling set. Everything you need is in the box.
  • User-replaceable lipoly battery pack will give years of service. Replacement pack to be sold separately at reasonable cost. Third party lipoly batteries can also be used.
  • Compact size
  • Best price-performance

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Unique synergy

Every Audiophilleo USB-S/PDIF transport contains two independent modules:

  • Module1: ARM RISC processor and USB interface, powered by the computer
  • Module2: Ultra-low jitter clocks and S/PDIF output stage, powered by the PurePower

Module2 is galvanically isolated from Module1. Ground and power are completely separate so that zero noise creeps from the PC to your DAC. The PurePower physically disconnects itself from the USB bus so that it makes zero contribution to the power noise in Module2 and your DAC. No high frequency noise can bleed into your DAC to conjest your sound. Even the PurePower circuitry enters a zero-noise state for absolutely zero noise pollution. The result is analog-like smooth sound with unbelievable detail, black background, and great sound stage and separation.

Want to have your system sound even more like the real thing? We’ll bundle a PurePower ULN Digital Power Pack and a new Audiophilleo1 for the special price of $1399, or just $999 with the Audiophilleo2.

Special upgrade offer for all Audiophilleo owners! For all those audiophiles already enjoying their Audiophilleos, we’d like to make it exceptionally easy for you to take your system to new levels of sonic excellence. With PurePower, the best can get even better!