Order your Audiophilleo1 SE with 384 Khz & DSD128 support

Upgrade your Audiophilleo with PurePower
Upgrade to the PurePower VLN digital power pack

You can factory upgrade your Audiophilleo1 MKII and Audiophilleo2 MKII to a brand new PurePower VLN digital power pack for just $479. With the PurePower your Audiophilleo will reach the ultimate sonics, surpassing just about any source in a comparable price range - just have a look at our many reviews. This is our way of saying “Thank you!” to the hundreds of Audiophilleo owners around the world for making the Audiophilleo1 and Audiophilleo2 the most successful high-end USB transports on the market today. Note that the Audiophilleo has to be sent to the factory for the upgrade. We can typically send the unit back to you within just 2 days!

The PurePower VLN is by far the most advanced power supply on the market today. Its unique array of features will take your listening experience to the next level. With PurePower, there’s no longer any need to worry about digital “hash” from noisy computer power supplies getting in the way of the music. Due to the internal modifications to your Audiophilleo1/2 unit, this is a more substantial upgrade than even the most expensive USB cables or any third party power supplies.

Here’s all you have to do to get your PurePower upgrade:

Simply order the PurePower Factory Upgrade, mail your Audiophilleo1 MKII or Audiophilleo2 MKII (please do not send accessories or connectors, just the device itself) securely packed to us at the shipping address on our support page. Please include a printout of your paypal purchase if possible, or alternatively include your name, return address, and "PurePower upgrade" in a note. As soon as your device arrives, our technicians will install a high-grade power connector, upgrade the Audiophilleo guts, flash the firmware to the latest version, and integrate and test it with your new PurePower VLN. In 1-2 days we send your upgraded unit back. What could be easier?